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Rosko and Associates was founded in 1990 to provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services throughout Michigan. We hold nearly 60 years of experience connecting persons with disabilities to employment. With over four decades of  practice in the art of vocational rehabilitation, Rosko and Associates is a proven and reliable resource.  Our history of employing integrity, expanding options, and achieving results has made us a leader in Michigan, and a first-choice option for insurers seeking successful resolutions and effective strategies.

Rosko and Associates has helped hundreds of persons with a disability find satisfying new employment, thus improving the well-being and future of each individual.

Besides continuing to provide direct services to individual clients, Michael Rosko has served as an expert witness in litigated matters where the employability and earning capacity of an injured person are at issue. He has also testified in thousands of cases as an impartial Vocational expert witness for the Social Security Administration since 1983.



Michael Rosko - Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist in MichiganMICHAEL E. ROSKO, MA, CRC, LPC

Michael E. Rosko is a nationally-certified Rehabilitation Counselor and is licensed as a Professional Counselor by the State of Michigan.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Michigan. Mr. Rosko is widely recognized as an expert in both the vocational rehabilitation field and in the Michigan labor market. Mr. Rosko has practiced Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling throughout Michigan since 1979.




Kelly A. Stroker is a Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.  She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University and received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Ms. Stroker is a highly effective Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  She is also recognized as a Vocational Expert by the Social Security Administration.


Vocational Assessment

Vocational Assessment consists of an interview and vocational testing to determine an individual's qualifications, training, background and potential for employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is the process by which any number of non-medical, non-psychological services are aimed at helping an individual with a disability return to work.

Vocational Counseling

Vocational Counseling is comprised of individual meetings with a counselor with the goal of arriving at one or more feasible vocational options. We will consider transferable skills, demonstrated worker traits and aptitudes, work background, education and special skills in conjunction with our vast knowledge of the world of work.

Vocational Testing

Vocational Testing is used to measure current skills, abilities and potential. It is often a part of vocational counseling. In addition, we assess values, interests and personality factors to help our clients make good career choices.

Professional Resume Writing

Rosko and Associates will create one or more well-written, individualized resumes for every client to maximize employer responses. Beyond that we also emphasize the importance of an effective cover letter.

Labor Market Research

Rosko and Associates uses a variety of public and proprietary resources to evaluate the feasibility of job goals and identify employers.

Job Placement Services

Rosko and Associates takes an individualized and creative approach with every client. We teach our clients how to seek employment effectively. We also identify and contact new employers regularly when needed to facilitate interviews and placement.

Job Coaching

Rosko and Associates provides job coaching at no cost to employers for our clients that require temporary job site assistance.

Worksite Modifications

Rosko and Associates remains abreast of developments in the field of enabling technology to support disabled workers.